WEEK ONE: Maintaining the Appearance of Eyebrows

Introduction to Makeup Course from a Students Perspective

Aug 23, 2018

WEEK ONE: Maintaining the Appearance of Eyebrows

Hi Im Justina, I have been helping out TMS with their Instagram and Facebook for a while now, however ask me to talk about makeup application with any confidence and I would just draw a blank. I know nothing about makeup. My go-to makeup routine is a bright red lippy and some mascara. Sometimes I fill in my brows and wear a badly matched foundation but thats only if I'm feeling fancy. Don't get me wrong I loooove makeup, I follow heaps of makeup artists on Insta, I know what I like in an image and I love what a beautiful makeup application can do to transform someone's look but I feel so overwhelmed when I go to apply my own makeup, that I just have given up.

So I have signed up to the 8 week Introduction to Makeup Course and in exchange I will blog about my experience. Im feeling somewhat terrified that these words (and some selfies of me and my makeup attempts) will be published so publicly. I am no writer but I am makeup-curious and if you are too and have been thinking about learning about it, please follow my journey. 

Starting with WEEK ONE:  Face-Preparation and Eyebrows. 

After going around the class introducing ourselves we were straight into watching the lovely tutor Tiveshni do a demo. I volunteered as the model.. I guess I was feeling maybe a little less shy than the rest of the class because I was familiar with our environment but I tell you what, it was a very new and alarmingly vulnerable experience getting my makeup (albeit what little I was wearing) taken off while several strangers watched! Tiveshni applied the moisturiser with a makeup brush, it feels like you are getting a facial! Seriously it feels soo nice to have someone massage moisturiser into your tired old face with firm, calming brush-strokes! OMG how my skin felt so amazing with all that yummy Dermalogica product massaged into it!

Then we paired up and repeated what we had watched the tutor do, on each other. New experience number two: getting up close and personal with someone you have just met while removing THEIR makeup! Boy do you get to feel comfortable with someone really quickly haha.

Demo number two was how to fill in a eyebrow.  I loved learning the name of that brush that you brush your brows with is called a Spoolie. Spoooooolie. Its so fun to say! After the demo we filled in our own brows using two different techniques with MAC Cosmetics and Tiveshni made sure to come around to each of us and ask how we were doing and what we needed to do to get that perfect shape. We all walked out of our first class with freshly cleaned and pampered faces and beautifully filled in eyebrows. I mean how cool is that for a first lesson?!

 I can't wait for next week when we get down a dirty with some foundation!

xx J 

Guest Blogger Justina Lardner-Burke