WEEK TWO: Foundation Application and the Colour Wheel

Introduction to Makeup Course from a Students Perspective

Aug 16, 2018

Ok so I consider myself to be creative. Im mad about colour and pattern and I have a Bachelor of Art and Design, minoring in illustration, under my belt . I feel that I can work my way around a colour wheel pretty confidently. Boy was I up for a surprise during week two! Foundation Application is some serious business! I have a new-found appreciation for Makeup Artistry after getting the low down from the very patient and very wise Tiveshni.

When I say wise, I mean that our tutor's spirit animal must be an owl. An owl with HUGE all-seeing wise eyes because that woman can see colours that my little un-trained eyes could only see after squinting and concentrating for some time. I guess it comes with practise and experience. 

Did you know that in order to counteract the blue colour under the eye you use a warm concealer? That some skin tones may need two or three different coloured foundations in one application? That the perceived pinnacle of a beautiful face shape is the "Oval" and that MUA's are only ever highlighting and contouring your makeup to make your face look like an oval shape...and that Angelina Jolie (who I consider the pinnacle of beauty) actually has a very square face shape? MIND BLOWN and feeling quite comforted by this haha!

Next week EYE SHADOW. Bring it on

xx J