Week FOUR: Blush and Lips. A Catch Up Lesson

Introduction to Makeup Course from a Students Perspective

Sep 8, 2018

Week FOUR: Blush and Lips. A Catch Up Lesson

I wasn't able to make it to this lesson but the lovely Tiveshni came in an hour early the next week to catch me up. Which is a service you can pay for if you miss a class. 

I had the biggest surprise during this lesson. I'm a HUGE wearer of red, full or bold lips. Its almost my trademark. I can re-apply my lipstick without looking in the mirror because I wear it so often. But when Tiveshni had finished filling in my lips I couldn't believe how different it was. I thought she had exaggerated the size of my lips. She hadn't! She had just used a lip pencil right to the very edge of my lips which apparently I have not been doing all these years. I couldn't believe how much lip I have. Mumma got LIP!  

I used to scoff at buying lip pencils because I wanted to get more for my buck by buying more lippies.. but I tell you what I am sold on this now.

Here is what my attempt looked like. I practiced after that weeks lesson so the lips don't quite match the "day look" I was attempting with the peach eyes and blush but you get the idea.

 Fun Fun Fun