WEEK FIVE: Day Wear Makeup

Introduction to Makeup Course from a Students Perspective

Sep 9, 2018

WEEK FIVE: Day Wear Makeup

This was a fun lesson because after looking at some beautiful images of Day Wear makeup we we allowed to just create whatever look we wanted. We cranked the music and just had a play. The brief was for a light application of makeup as if we were going out for brunch with friends, nothing too heavy. I went for a peachy colour palette. I have very limited colours in my makeup at home so I took the opportunity to play with a colour that I don't have. I used a cream blush followed by a powder. Keeping my eyeshadow in the same colour range and only using a light and medium colour on the eye to keep it light. Do I sound like a M.U.A yet?? LOL

In the interest of practising what Tevishni taught me about the lips, I applied a full lip colour. I would have liked to just hint at a peach colour on the lip but this is what I came up with. PS Im so cringing at these selfies but a deal is a deal right?

xx J