Introduction to Makeup Course from a Students Perspective

Oct 4, 2018


SO I must begin by explaining this photo. I took it the week after our wedding makeup lesson. The wedding makeup lesson didn't go so well for me I have to admit. We practiced with a medium coverage foundation and I failed miserably with it. I put it on too thick and coudnt recover. Then I chose a very ill-matched eye shadow palette and I had Tiveshni in fits of giggles trying to help me because I kept making involuntary faces when she was trying to fix up my botched application. I was just basically not on form that night. So I went home and practiced and practiced that week. I then spent a good 1.5 hours putting on my best wedding makeup before the next weeks class so that I could get into The Makeup School early to take some elegant selfies for this here blog. BUT. The traffic was baaaad and I ended up having 5 minutes before the next class to take the selfies with the AMAZING ring light that the school has and I just couldn't pull it off. I then just took this silly photo of me and our amazing tutor Tiveshni while she was setting up. Isnt she a dream?

To conclude. It wont happen in one lesson. We learn the basics in this course and then its up to us to practice, practice, practice! And its starting to pay off for me. Just this week I have had a handful of complements about how great I am looking and I secretly accredit to my new learnt makeup skills! Whoop Whoop!

xx J