WEEK SEVEN: Bold Lip, Bold Eye Liner

Introduction to Makeup Course from a Students Perspective

Oct 15, 2018

WEEK SEVEN: Bold Lip, Bold Eye Liner

I loved this lesson! A bold lip and vintage-looking eyeliner is right up my ally. Once again Tiveshni made it look so easy in her demo when she used only a light and mid tone eyeshadow on the eye and still made it POP. Luckily we had lots of time up our sleeves to practice during this lesson. I was so surprised to see how different all my class-mates looked compared to the other weeks practices. Me, however, looked the same as it is my habit to add a strong eye liner to my eye makeup anyways. Case in point in this photo.  Again I must explain this photo. I'm in LOVE with the ring light at TMS. I wish I had access to a ring light for all my shameful selfies. My Instagram feed would be so much better for it.

Quite a few of us felt we were getting used to the medium coverage foundation too. A little goes a long way! Also BUFF BUFF BUFF that stuff into your skin like nobody's business.

Next week is our last week together guys. Its been real.