Introduction to Makeup Course from a Students Perspective

Oct 21, 2018

THE FINAL WEEK OF CLASS: Smokey Eye The last week of course which means the last of my blog posts. I could explain in detail about this weeks lesson but I feel you may have the gist of how the lessons go by now. We start with a demo, Tiveshni impresses us with her mad makeup skills, we then go and practice what we saw on ourselves. We don't get it right the first time. We have a few laughs at how we all look at the end of the lesson. We go home and practice some more and eventually get it right.

Instead I want to focus on what I have taken away from my 8 weeks of lessons: A new found enthusiasm for makeup application, the confidence to make choices about colour palettes and colour correction decisions and most of all an appreciation of every ones individual beauty. The latter I want to elaborate on..

The topic of makeup tutorials on Instagram has come up in discussion during several of our lessons over the course of the 8 weeks. Most of our questions started off with "On Instagram I see..." Or "Why do they do this or that on Instagram?" Or "What do you think of this trend on Instagram..."

Tiveshni has been very open to answering all these Instagram related questions with patience,poise and careful consideration. What we have been learning in class has been very different from what most makeup tutorials show us on Instagram. We have essentially been un-learning what Instagram Influencers have been showing us and the reason is because of that beloved/curse-ed Ring light I love so much. Tiveshni so patiently explained that most of the tutorials we see on Instagram are lit up by several of these ring lights set up in these said "Influencers" home studios. The effect is that their faces get washed out with all the light and so therefore their makeup application has to "make-up" for it. See what I did there? (I just love a good pun)

Tiveshni expressed her sadness about the trend of young woman essentially wearing a mask of makeup instead of embracing their natural beauty when it comes to their makeup application. At the same time she never let these discussions in class become negative, it was never about dictating what she thought was the right or wrong way. I was so impressed with how she navigated these conversations.

To conclude. This Introduction to Makeup course kicked-ass. I enjoyed every minute of it. I learnt a lot about the basics of the industry and I cant wait to keep practicing! 

Its been real.