Eve Sorenson

What inspired you to train as a makeup artist?

Growing up as a dancer I think I was inspired by Stage and Dance Makeup from a young age and how it changes and transforms someone's face on stage.

Why did you choose TMS ?

My Mum did some research and called all of the MAC counters and asked them where they studied, and majority of the artists said TMS, or they wished they went to TMS. And looking at the course outline it covered everything I wanted to learn and more.

How did you enjoy your course?

Loved it! You learn something different every day and you are left prepared for everything you may come across In the industry.

What are some of the things you have been doing since graduating!

I've worked with some pretty amazing people and loved every job I have worked on, I am currently on the MAC Cosmetics Freelance Team, and I am represented as an Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist by 62 Creatives.

I have been lucky to have had my Makeup published in a small segment in Vogue Australia, as well as Vogue online, and have worked on some amazing Editorials featured on Sicky Magazine, Black Magazine, Remix Magazine, Catalogue.com, Style.com and more. Also working on some lookbooks for some amazing designers and stores such as The Mercantile Store, Holy Chic, Trelise Cooper - Cooper, Commoners, Backwater and more!

I'm currently on a very cool editorial that should be released in the New Year! It will be all over social media!