Vicky Zhang

What inspired you to train as a makeup artist?

I have always enjoyed working in fashion and beauty industry. I love watching fashion shows and reading fashion magazines. I had always wondered how could these people looked so gorgeous and glamorous. What was the magic wand behind all these beauties? It intrigued me to look behind the scenes – I myself wanted to be the one with the magic wand.

I worked in the fashion industry for a while on my own. Soon I realized that the scope of the learning was vast – I need professional training to be where I wish to be. I started to look around.

Why did you choose TMS?

I had been to places before I came to TMS (which was by word of mouth), yet none of them struck me with the professional ambience TMS was able to impress me. I made my decision during the first visit to TMS – this is where I would rather be!

How did you enjoy your course?

My time with TMS was so enjoyable! Not every day was the same. I was surrounded by friendly teaching staff and fellow students. The curriculum was well-designed: it was a mix of class learning and working experience; it kept up with the pulse of fashion industry so that when we are out there, we are not OUT! It also was tailored to suit my learning pace. I just love it!

When I told my family and friends that I was really into makeup and was going to learn it, many of them told me to “stay where you are, don’t do makeup” cause “you cannot get a job!”. 

What are some of the things you have been doing since graduating?

I am happy to announce: in a mere three weeks after graduation, I have been offered a job as a makeup artist by M.A.C at their Auckland International Airport branch!

Looking back I am glad I made the right decision – I followed my heart and I took action. Today I am feeling I am on the right path and looking forward to the future!