Katie Beverage

What inspired you to train as makeup artist?

I always loved playing with makeup and getting ‘glammed’ up but I also love TV and film and I was interested in how and why the characters looked the way they did and how that affected the whole look of the production. At University I did everyone’s hair and makeup and I really enjoyed it. When I finished Uni I was going to try work in PR for a cosmetics company however when I was applying I realised I wanted to be doing makeup not just promoting products.

Why did you choose TMS?

A friend of my aunty’s said she had a sister who was a makeup designer now living in NZ and she would ask her opinion for the best place to go. She suggested The Makeup school in Auckland. I am English but I liked the idea of going overseas to train makeup. I started corresponding with Di and Gabe and they were so passionate and helpful and gave me all the information I needed to make the decision, also they had worked on some great productions and had also worked all over the world. I hadn’t had as much correspondence from other schools and particularly not from the founders themselves and I felt as though I could learn more from Di and Gabe as it is their very own school which they are very involved with. I also thought the course syllabus covered all the main aspects I was interested in and needed to become a makeup artist. They gave me the skills and confidence to go out and get work as a makeup artist.

How did you enjoy your course?

I can say I loved every minute of my course. I was fortunate to have tutoring from amazing Makeup Designers (Di and Gabe) and also other awesome MUAs such as Nicola Harvey. I found that Di and Gabe were totally dedicated to our class and getting the best out of us, giving us constructive criticism and praise. The course also helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses and gave me the drive and focus to try and improve the weak areas and hone my skills and figure out what area of makeup I enjoyed the most and wanted to work in. It was full on but so much fun and I met some fantastic friends who I still keep in touch with now and when I return to NZ we all meet up.

What are some of the things you have been doing since you graduated?

I left The Makeup School in 2009 and moved back to my home country of England in 2011. Whilst in new Zealand I did have some freelance jobs (which I got through TMS) but I was also working in cosmetic retail as store manager of Mecca Cosmetica. Since returning home I have been freelancing and worked on various projects including TV, Film, TVCs and fashion. I am also a freelance airbrush trainer. In July/August of this year I was lucky enough to work under Gabe and Di on the feature film ‘6 Days’ when they came to film in London. Such a fantastic experience working for my mentors and learning from them every day. My latest job is the X factor final weekend shows this weekend doing the contestants makeup.