Frankie Fitzimmons

What inspired you to train as a makeup artist?

I absolutely love making people feel beautiful and by helping them to become their own makeup artist. I wanted to have a creative job where I was never confined to a desk and one that changes all the time. There's also the fact that I love makeup as well, ha!! There are so many different career directions that can be explored that can take you all over the world too, that was a big selling point to me, that when I was done, I could go anywhere and be able to make a living.

Why did you choose TMS?

It’s prestige, great reviews, the well respected qualification, affiliation with MAC cosmetics and most importantly - how well experienced the trainers are! There's so much to learn in a small space of time of which most is learnt while out on the job! So I looked for trainers who had years of professional experience and passion for their job. Plus, some of the past jobs/stories were incredibly impressive!

How did you enjoy your course?

Loved it!! I learnt so much valuable information and skill all while making so many fantastic friends along the way. I think the class environment is very motivating and the course work very detailed. The trainers are exceptional and loved sharing their experiences with us! I still refer back to what I learnt while I was there even though it was over 5 years ago!! The curriculum is fantastic and is information that will stay current that students can use as a back bone until they adjust their own practice and style. TMS also set me up on makeup jobs so that I could get my career moving which was incredibly valuable to my career. I loved how they consistently guided us and gave us advice even after finishing our course! 

What are some of the things you have been doing since you Graduated?

Following graduation I worked freelance for a few months before getting a job at MAC Cosmetics in the Auckland International Airport. From there I moved over to Dubai in the UAE and worked with a hair dressing academy assisting in the setting up of their own make up school with which we were accredited by City and Guilds.

I had my own students and taught them through 'City and Guilds' course outline on Makeup Artistry. From this job, I was hired as counter manager for Bobbi Brown in Harvey Nichols Dubai, I gladly accepted and I was in this role for 1 and a half years. Then just recently I was approached for another role in the 'Regional Beauty Events and Artistry Team' for Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercer and Illimasqua UAE!! I've been in this role for just over 6 months now and loving every minute of it!