Heather Newcombe

What inspired you to train as a makeup artist?

I found from a very young age that I naturally gravitated towards playing with makeup, not only doing it to make myself or others look pretty – I loved the artistry and creativity of it. At 13 I found all the work that is goes into a film/TV production fascinating. While reading the credits one day, I realised that there are entire teams who get to have fun and play with the creation of characters and contribute to the storytelling process. I thought to myself “That’s the dream!

Why did you choose TMS?

After researching all of the schools in Auckland I found that there was only one school at the time providing a course that dabbled in all the areas of makeup I was interested in. Film/TV, Fashion, Hair, SPFX and Industry Standards. It was a no brainer for me!

How did you enjoy your course?

The course was very helpful and a great starting point into everything you need to know for the industry. I found it very valuable to experience and try all the different aspects of makeup, working out where my strengths and interests really were. Continuing on after graduating, I have always loved and appreciated that Di and Gabe are still there for me to help and advise as I persevere with my career.

What is something you have been doing since graduating?

I graduated from TMS in June 2014, and have been freelancing full time ever since. Some of my work has been featured in publications such as Black Magazine, Bride and Groom Magazine and Vogue Italia.

Alongside being fortunate enough to have worked on some fantastic productions including Dancing with the Stars, Jono and Ben, Funny Girls, The Golden Boy, Family Feud NZ, The Shannara Chronicles, The Letter of the King and others. In 2016 I joined the M.A.C Cosmetics freelance team, and I have loved learning more about fashion and social trends. In 2018 I also integrated being a Bobbi Brown Cosmetics freelancer into my busy schedule as well. I have been lucky enough to experience many different aspects of the industry. While my passion lies with Film and TV, I love the variety this career path has provided me with (Fashion, Weddings, Special Occasions, Retail - M.A.C & Bobbi Brown). I am still learning and growing as an artist, and I am really enjoying making the most of every opportunity to work with other talented and creative people.