Sarah Wright

What inspired you to train as a makeup artist?

I have always been a creative person and after completing school I went on to do a 3 year photography degree where I found a passion for fashion photography and portraiture.

This lead me to work closely with makeup artists in the studio and on location shoots. I really admired the connection the artists had with the models and loved to see the transformation process. I decided i wanted to be part of the whole process, makeup, hairstyling & photography.

Why did you choose TMS?

I chose TMS because I was always inspired by my Aunty, Gabrielle Jones co-owner of TMS. Gabrielle always spoke highly of the tutors at TMS and how important it was to have industry people training at the school and how TMS only had the best in the business!. I loved that Gabrielle and Dianne both have a wealth of knowledge, great contacts and have worked on some amazing Film/TV projects and continue to do so.

How did you enjoy your course?

The course was honestly the most amazing course I have ever done (and I have done many.)

The tutors and Guest speakers were very talented and nurturing, they all came from different areas of makeup from fashion to film/tv to share their knowledge I loved that the tutors really worked on our confidence and helped us gain work experience while we were training.

What are some of the things you have been doing since graduating?

Since graduating from TMS I decided to stay in NZ and got a job after graduating at Mecca Cosmetica. I then went on to work on the film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

I continued to work in the film industry in NZ for another year then returned to Australia to complete a Certificate in hairdressing. I continued to work as a freelance Makeup & Hair artist on photo shoots for online stores, fashion labels, weddings and one of my highlights was doing the makeup and hair for Lucy Turnbull wife of then Prime Minster Malcom Turnbull. This lead to working with other politicians and doing more corporate work in Canberra.

It really has been one big learning experience and I now own and operate a successful business, Canberra’s first blow dry bar called SALOON where I have combined beauty, makeup, hair styling and a licensed bar, creating the ultimate experience and space for clients to look good and feel good for the pre party, party!

I now have a team of 12 staff working for me and we continue to grow with the hope of opening more salons around Australia and hopefully one day in New Zealand.