Jose Noriega

What inspired you too train as a makeup artist?

As a little kid I loved to draw characters and creatures from fantasy worlds and create their back stories and become immersed in drawing more and more. In my early teens I started doing hair and makeup on my friends for amateur photoshoots and It was then that my interest in makeup started, however I ended up going to university and doing a Bachelor in Journalism instead. During the first year of university I followed my heart to New Zealand and got to experience the magic of film making on the set of Spartacus. I knew then, I wanted to put together all those passions for creating characters, doing Hair and Makeup and telling stories. So a career in makeup for film was the perfect fit!

Why did you choose TMS?

From that first year of university I had already decided I wanted to study makeup in New Zealand after graduation. So once I moved here I researched all the training facilities to find the best. I talked to makeup artists working in the industry and The Makeup School was the one they all recommended so I knew it was the right place! I think a huge selling point for me at the time too was the fact that the directors of the school Gabrielle and Dianne are still working in the industry as well as running the school which I believe is fundamental.

How did you enjoy your course?

I remember feeling a little bit intimidated on my first day at the school but I was super excited that finally it was all happening. The Full Time curriculum covered all the bases and offered the perfect professional approach to the artistry in a very supportive and nurturing environment. I had gorgeous teachers that later on I’ve been able to work with, like the super talented Angela Stewart and Gabrielle Jones. It was the perfect course that helped me to become a makeup school graduate ready to embark in the industry and continue learning and growing.

What are some of the things you have been doing since graduating?

Since graduating in June 2015 i’ve been lucky to have amazing opportunities to work on great projects with amazing artists that I truly admire and respect. I have been very lucky to work on movies like “The Breaker Upperers, The Shannara Chronicles and more recently the TV Mini series ‘The Bad Seed’. The Dead Lands, Milan, Avatar 2. For the full list see the IMDB link below.