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Private Training

Course Fee Pricing:

  • Initial Hour: $100 per hour
  • Subsequent Hours: $80 per hour Minimum Duration: 3 hours Humm Buy Now, Pay Later, and Q Mastercard options are available for eligible applicants.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for one of our structured courses or you have specific training needs in mind, our private training sessions can be tailored to your preferences. Whether you prefer individual instruction, training with a friend, or custom sessions for small groups, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s what you can expect from our private training:

  • Flexible scheduling, including weekends
  • A dedicated personal tutor
  • Sessions lasting a minimum of 3 hours
  • Group training is limited to 8 people for self-application and 12 people for mutual application

To get started, get in touch with us to discuss your training objectives. We’ll work together to customize your training program, including timing, duration, and associated costs.

What to Bring:

  • We provide all the professional M.A.C Cosmetics and Dermalogica skincare products you’ll need.
  • Bring a pen and notepad for your notes.
  • Brushes for your training will be supplied, or you’re welcome to bring your own.
  • Consider our exclusive 12-piece MYKITCO brush set, available at a special student price of $279.95 (RRP $427.70 if purchased separately). Individual brushes are also available for purchase.